Revised and expanded 2nd Edition (2015), iOS and Kindle formats, 525 pages, 330 illustrations, 240 in full color.


1st Edition (2010), Softcover; printed in full color, 504 pages, 270 illustrations, 180 in color.

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Join the author, T. L. Keller, on a voyage to otherworldly places and understand the reality of UFOs, alien beings and how they get from wherever they are to planet Earth.  This book is part of the Total Novice’s Guide series of books for those who may know little about a particular subject, have open minds and want to know more. For those readers who are more knowledgeable about UFOs, you will not be disappointed either. 


  • In this fascinating and informative read, you will be escorted through the Roswell and other incidents involving crashed alien spaceships.  Read about Project Galileo, and testimony from government officials, as well as 10 former, military whistle-blowers who have had first-hand experiences with the unknown.


  • Get the latest inside information on the above-top secret, US government anti-gravity and flying disc program that has been 65 years in the making.


  • Learn about super secret Area 51/S4; understand “Missing Time” and the true nature of human abductions. You will learn how alien vehicles travel here; and more importantly, why they are here.  Read how you will be impacted when the reality of UFOs and alien beings becomes known to the world.  And it may be just around the corner…


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Have you ever wondered where you came from? Are you a creation of a divine being?  A remote relative of monkeys or chimps?  Or are you an ancestor of a life form designed and developed by an intelligent agent?  This book is part of The Total Novice’s Guide series of books intended for those who may know little about a particular subject, have open minds and want to know more. For those who already know more, we guarantee that our book provides new insights into this well-trodden subject.

Don’t be any too hasty in answering these questions until you have read our next book in The Total Novice’s Guide series.  Among our contributors are Professor Jerry A. Coyne, Dr. Michael Shermer, Professor Michael J. Behe, Linda Moulton Howe, Bob Lazar, Richard Dawkins, Ph.D., Dr. Dan Burisch, David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.; and, of course, Charles Darwin.

  • In this book we deal with the scientifically accepted principles of evolution, the faith-based elements of creation and the newer developments in the theory of intelligent design.


  • You will be escorted through the principles, the history, and the art of all three theories. You will understand the why and who of each theory.


  • Learn about what is called “paleocontact,” and the little-understood nature of “panspermia.”  You will learn how humanity has evolved and is still evolving.  You will understand where evolution may take us and why …

1st edition (2017), iOS, Kindle and Nook formats. 490 pages. 363 photographs and illustrations, 289 in full color.


Non-fiction / Science and Technology


1st edition (2017), iOS and Kindle formats. 557 pages. 377 photographs and illustrations, 264 in full color.


Non-fiction / Science and Technology


Join us on a voyage to explore the concepts and realities of what is called the Secret Space Program.  This book is part of The Total Novice’s Guide series of books.  In this book we deal with what is popularly known as the US space program, or what we call the “White Space Program.”  We cover the early history beginning in the 1920s and progress through to the current era.  Then we present what we call the “Black Space Program” of which the public is unaware.  It is what has been developed in secret by the US (and other countries) over the past 65 years.


You will be escorted through the maze of stories relating to alleged experiences of former military and government personnel, off-Earth bases and extraterrestrial alliances.  You will understand the why and who of both the White Space Program and the Black Space Program.

What exactly is the Secret Space Program, why is it secret and how has it been kept secret for decades?  What have the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, the Boeing Phantom Works and Northrop Grumman been doing for the last 60 years or so?  Is the Black Space Program based on extraterrestrial or just advanced technology?  What is “Solar Warden”? Are there undisclosed alliances with extraterrestrial civilizations?  Contributors include Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., Richard C. Hoagland, Mike Bara, Dr. Dan Burisch, Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Corey Goode, Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D., Dr. Steven Greer, Michael Wolf, Ph.D., William Mills Tompkins, Richard Dolan, Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, Ben Rich, Mark McCandlish, Timothy Good, Bob Lazar and many others.


Learn about Secret Space Program timelines and where the money has come from to fund these programs.  You will read who has directed these efforts.  You will understand the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations on our own history.  You will understand why this is still kept a secret after 65 years …

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