Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices will run 2FS Press' digitized books?

You can run our digitized books on most devices using iOS or Kindle.  These include iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.  Android, Mac and PCs can also display our books using Kindle.  Unfortunately, our digital products exceed the maximum file size for Nook.

Do you fact-check everything?


Fact-checking everything is not possible for the subjects that we report.  Some of the eyewitnesses who are reported may be hoaxers or paid disinformers.  We know that.  But we will not report anything that we know to be untrue.  We ask our readers to consider the subject and the source of the information, and then make up their own minds.


We do know this for a fact: flying discs are real.  Some are manufactured by human beings on Earth.  Others are manufactured beyond Earth.  Most of those that are manufactured beyond Earth are not made by human beings.  In addition to the fact that we have witnessed these ourselves, there are just too many reports by pilots, astronauts, military personnel and flight controllers to ignore.  We suggest that you ignore them at your own peril.

Why are there so many astronomical photographs distributed throughout the text?


In the major motion picture Contact, the lead character, an astronomer, discusses whether we are alone in the Universe.  She then says that if we were alone, “. . . it’s a terrible waste of space.”  We are not alone in the Universe.  Our objective is to emphasize that the Universe is a very big space and that there are endless possibilities for biological organisms to develop and mutate on other planets.  Science has now discovered hundreds of planets, many of which are in the “goldilocks” region of other solar systems where intelligent life could exist. Such photos are intended to remind the reader just how big, beautiful and mysterious the Universe really is.


Why was only the first Novice’s Guide in a printed format and why was it so heavy [in weight] ?

Our first book (Space MAX) and second book were printed in full color on the highest-quality paper.  High quality paper is very dense and has special coatings and, consequently, is quite weighty.  We found that printing 500 or so pages in full color became too expensive.  But we still wanted to present our books in full color because we think in color, not black and white.  Thus, we now only provide our products in digital format via the Internet.  Our first books were expensive to print and, likewise, to ship.  This is the reason why so many books today are only printed in black and white on low-quality paper: they are cheap to produce and cheap to ship.


Why are blue italics used in the text?


We highlight portions early in the text to emphasize information that may seem arcane at the moment but highly influence the conclusions made later in the book.


Why have cartoons at the beginning of every major section of your books?


Our books deal with very serious topics: extraterrestrial beings, conspiracy theories, slave labor, global climate change, abductions, secret governments, non-fossil fuel energy generation . . .   Our sense is that the cartoons, which are carefully chosen, add a bit of comic relief and humor to an otherwise humorless text.  Humor is good.


Why are there so many illustrations?


When the publisher was a child, he enjoyed books with plenty of pictures.  Illustrations seemed to add a lot of information.  We provide hundreds of photos, drawings, diagrams, charts – whatever it takes to add new dimensions -- and in full color, if possible.

Why are there typographical errors?


For our first two books we employed one then two editors.  We ended up with the realization that no matter how many editors we employed, there would still be typographical errors that crept in.  We have a very small staff with an even smaller production budget.  So some errors will still be unintentionally embedded in the text.  We encourage our readers to report any errors or words out of place so that we can correct them prior for the next edition.  We would very much appreciate a “Contact” e-mail from you in this regard.


What will be the topics of future books?


All of our books have to do with serious subjects, often highly controversial ones.  If you would like to see a Guide on your favorite topic, please drop us a line.  We'd like to hear from you!

Why do you re-use many of the same cartoons?

We cover very serious and controversial issues, so we like to add a little light entertainment to the text.  Re-publishing a copyrighted cartoon can be expensive.  So to keep the cost to the reader as low as we can, we re-use them when we can.  We find the cartoons to be quite funny -- even when we know the caption "by heart."

We thank the cartoonists who have donated their artwork to our projects.  These include, among others, Frank Cotham (Star Warts series), Pat Oliphant and Ed Stein.  Here's a sample from Ed Stein (used by permission):