“Also of interest is a chapter that discusses the 'Skunk Works' (the advanced aircraft manufacturing division of Lockheed), and the shocking statements made by its former president, Ben Rich.  These statements, which were confirmed by the author who was present at Rich’s March 23, 1993 UCLA presentation . . . Readers of this book would do well to consider the staggering implications of Rich’s comments, and their potential transportation and clean energy applications for this world.”


  Michael Schratt, Military Aerospace

  Historian and Reviewer, Open Minds





“I offer my gratitude to you, not only for the ‘heavy’ copy of your book, but also the ‘light’ that the content provides.  You and your colleagues can be congratulated for your excellent summary of the history, and probable significance, of the ET presence on Earth.  Love & light,"


   R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Famed Hypnotherapist

  and Consultant to Linda Moulton Howe




“With the exception of those cases originating from sources I regard as dubious, this brilliantly produced book not only serves as a superb introduction to the subject but covers some fascinating and important new material for the aficionados.”


  Timothy Good

  Author, Above Top Secret, Alien Base, Beyond Top

  Secret,     Need To Know and Earth: An Alien




“Without doubt this is the most impressive UFO book I have seen from the standpoint of color, layout, photos, organization, and design.  There is a large index, various references, extensive footnotes, a helpful UFO timeline, and appendices with key documents.


“But [the first edition of] The Total Novice’s Guide unfortunately continues what has become a string of UFO books that assume various alleged UFO crashes and the recovery of alien bodies have been proven.


“What Keller has put together is decidedly a mixed bag.”


   Dwight Connelly, Reviewer

   MUFON UFO Journal

   March 2011

“At MUFON we have been selling T.L. Keller’s books in our on-line store for years.  They support our position on UFOs and the extraterrestrial life forms visiting Earth.  His books have an abundance of photos and drawings depicting the modern history of UFOs, and they present what we feel are actual, formerly-secret, U.S. government documents supporting the evidence of an ET presence.

“I highly recommend everyone to read this book and buy a copy for a friend or family member.  You will be doing the world a service by doing so.”

Jan C. Harzan

Executive Director

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

April 2017


  Jan C. Harzan  

    Executive Director    

"So you think you know something about UFOs?

"You'll be much more informed after reading this book - it's packed with up-to-date, well researched and fascinating information on just about every aspect of the UFO mystery. From George Adamski to Billy Meier; from Betty Hill to Travis Walton - whether it's Abductions, advanced technology, UFO propulsion systems, Alien Races or just famous (and not-so-famous) sightings, this book has it all.

"I have been a serious student of the UFO phenomenon for over 10 years. I came across the "Total Novice's Guide to UFOs" at the International UFO Congress and Film Festival held in Fountain Hills, Arizona in February 2011. I figured I didn't have much need for a "Novice's Guide" - boy, was I wrong. This book is much more than that - it's an encyclopedia on UFOs and everything about them. It goes well beyond the basic information that one finds on the internet or the few lines mentioned in most books - and the vast number of subjects covered are supplemented with hundreds of full color photos and images.

"I have too many books on UFOs to count - but the 'Total Novice's Guide to UFOs' is now my favorite GO TO book whenever I find something I want to double-check, or just want to refresh on a certain UFO topic. ...You won't be disappointed."

  Tony C.

  Amazon Customer